Twin Falls 2019 – SEAMS student retreat

As the year starts to wind up, the youngest members of Single Molecule Science get away for some bonding and well earned rest.

This November SEAMS hosted another of our annual retreats. Together 21 Honours students, PhDs, interns and post-docs travelled to Twin Falls for our 2019 adventure.

Surrounded by the inland Aussie bush, we stayed at a picturesque location and made use of tennis facilities, relaxed in the pool, cooked up a storm of a BBQ and danced, sang, and chatted around a campfire all night long. While some of us need to work on our singing, others showed off their guitar prowess, and we also took the opportunity to introduce some of our international students to the Aussie classics of the Nutbush and the one and only Shannon Noll.

We couldn’t stay in Twin Falls without visiting the breathtaking waterfalls nearby – so during the day we went on an excursion to Carrington Falls. We climbed over the rocky formations, hopping over the streams, walked out to the lookout points over the valley and waterfall, and even swam in the pools at the top of the waterfall. We also encountered some classic Australian wildlife – an echidna, wombats, and perhaps too many snakes to be comfortable with.

It was a very adventurous retreat, with bonds forged between newcomers to SMS while we also took the time to farewell our finishing PhD students.

As our research unit continues to grow, taking time outside the lab environment to get to know our fellow students and colleagues is of incredible benefit. Retreats like this continuing to nurture and strengthen the collaborative, friendly and supportive environment that we are so lucky to have at SMS.

A tremendous thank you to everyone who attended and helped organise this SEAMS retreat, and to the SMS staff and group leaders who supported us and made this retreat possible.

– SEAMS (Students of EMBL Australia Node in Single Molecule Science) –


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