Sensory Scientific Exhibition: Making Science More Accessible

We could practically hear the cogs turning and the creative juices running right away when we asked our researchers if they could make their research accessible to people with vision loss. To say that everyone was excited and energised by this challenge is an understatement. On December 11, the students and staff of Single Molecule... Continue Reading →

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Privilege & culture at SMS

“With great privilege comes great responsibility,” Head of Single Molecule Science (SMS), Katharina Gaus recently shared her ideals thoughts on what makes a great research centre and what culture we want at SMS.

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The journey toward a PhD often encompasses both joyful and stressful times in our lives. Rom, our Business Strategy Manager here at SMS, reflects on his time as a PhD student. These memories were triggered by news that Rom had received recently, but in light of the thoughts that Kat recently shared with us on... Continue Reading →

Riverside Student Retreat at Terara

PhD students, Manuela Ecker and Jessica Mazalo recount the recent student-run weekend retreat in Terara, NSW to bond, unwind, and have fun together. After the EMBL Australia Node in Single Molecule Science (SMS) was established, SEAMS – the students of EMBL Australia node of SMS – organised the first student retreat in Buladelah in 2016.... Continue Reading →

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