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A roadmap to inclusion in academia

"Diversity without inclusion is frivolous at best & harmful at worst." Our group leaders, Felicity Davis and Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan – together with Salah Elias of University of Southampton – provide a frank and compelling discussion about the enduring problems around equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI or DEI) in academic institutions. In this invited Comment published... Continue Reading →

The story of science: successes, failures, luck, privilege, and bias

"As a woman PI, one's authority, expertise, & ability are constantly called into question," EMBL Australia Group Leader at UNSW Medicine’s Single Molecule Science, Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan lays out struggles she encountered throughout her STEMM career, and also checks her own privileges. After receiving the 2021 American Society for Cell Biology’s Junior Award for Excellence in... Continue Reading →

No good news too small to share

To say that 2020 was challenging is an understatement – but we rallied. Our Business Strategy Manager, Rom Bouveret wrote a piece for Science Careers about how we remained connected by keeping our focus on the wins, no matter how small. Sharing good news regularly helped lift our spirits, and kept us connected during lockdown,... Continue Reading →

Interactive Science Expo 2019

By making science outreach more accessible, to share our love for research with people from the Deaf and Blind communities, we learnt to communicate more effectively, and gained new appreciation for people in these communities. Last month, the research students and staff at Single Molecule Science (SMS) hosted an interactive science expo designed to engage... Continue Reading →

Twin Falls 2019 – SEAMS student retreat

As the year starts to wind up, the youngest members of Single Molecule Science get away for some bonding and well earned rest. This November SEAMS hosted another of our annual retreats. Together 21 Honours students, PhDs, interns and post-docs travelled to Twin Falls for our 2019 adventure. Surrounded by the inland Aussie bush, we... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day 2019

On International Women’s Day, we would like to to acknowledge the 45 audacious women in research and professional roles making awesome contributions every day to the success and culture of SMS. Today we are shining spotlights on only a few who achieved success last year, and continue to rock it in 2019: Shout outs to:... Continue Reading →


The journey toward a PhD often encompasses both joyful and stressful times in our lives. Rom, our Business Strategy Manager here at SMS, reflects on his time as a PhD student. These memories were triggered by news that Rom had received recently, but in light of the thoughts that Kat recently shared with us on... Continue Reading →

Privilege & culture at SMS

“With great privilege comes great responsibility,” Head of Single Molecule Science (SMS), Katharina Gaus recently shared her ideals thoughts on what makes a great research centre and what culture we want at SMS.

Riverside Student Retreat at Terara

PhD students, Manuela Ecker and Jessica Mazalo recount the recent student-run weekend retreat in Terara, NSW to bond, unwind, and have fun together. After the EMBL Australia Node in Single Molecule Science (SMS) was established, SEAMS – the students of EMBL Australia node of SMS – organised the first student retreat in Buladelah in 2016.... Continue Reading →

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